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Municipal Policies

Policies are guiding principles that govern the administration of a municipality. Policies are established by Mayor & Council and can only be changed by a resolution of Council.

Municipal Bylaws

The following bylaws include the text of the original bylaws and any amending bylaws. They are provided on this page for general information only. Every effort is made to ensure their accuracy but in the event that they differ from the original documents held at Village Office, the originals are to be considered as the definitive references.

This is not an official listing of all Municipal bylaws. The official bylaws are available from the Village Office and must be consulted for purposes of interpretation and application of the law. For information on bylaws not provided on this site, please contact the Administrator at (306)884-2030.

Northern Municipalities, such as Pinehouse, derive their powers from the Provincial Government, in particular the Northern Municipalities Act, 2010.

For other Provincial Government Statutes, visit the Publications Saskatchewan website.

Please see the documents section below for community bylaws: